Maree Steinway – Pianist and Vocalist

The name Steinway is synonymous around the world with pianos of the highest quality.  So to does Sydney pianist, vocalist Maree Steinway approach her career as a quest for excellence in every field of music she is involved in.  Now in 2003 she is a leader in freelance piano / keyboard / vocalist and arranger.

Since 1986 Maree was the mainstay in the Jive Bombers a popular Sydney six piece band specializing in Swing, Jive, Latin, Soul and Rock and Roll as keyboard player, vocalist and arranger.  With that band she has performed at many jazz venues, festival, corporate functions, clubs and major hotels around Australia.  On their debut recording, She plays piano, organ and sings on their 1995 CD release for Newmarket Records "Fifteen Hours".

You may have seen her performing with the Eddie Seven Swingsation Band, The Blue Parrot  Swing Orchestra and many other renowned local artists.

 Since her early days at Homai College, New Zealand's excellent school for the blind she has adapted her natural abilities with serious studies of a wide variety of musical endeavours.  From classical piano to braille music systems, music history, orchestral choral and pop music ensembles she has not just relied on her natural gifts (she has perfect pitch) but has developed a strong and thorough study of every area of interest.

 In her own words "From my earliest recollections of infancy I had an insatiable love of music and a determined will to play piano and sing".  By the time she finished high school she was already making a good living doing just that.  Working with good musicians from an early age helped her develop quickly as she schooled herself  as necessary to learn an extensive repertoire of tunes and styles to play at resident engagements at venues such as "Top of the Town", "Oliver's Changing Times".   While she was still a schoolgirl she had already played guitar and sung folk songs and blues material at major folk festivals, in coffee shops and bars, so a certain amount of versatility was a part of her act already.

 Recordings for Radio New Zealand's "Jazz Tonight" also gave Maree exposure and valuable experience and eventually she found herself leading her own trio at a high fashion boutique café, and other venues.

 Since her arrival in Sydney in 1982 Maree's career has taken a few twists and turns after initially leading her own trio at many Sydney venues.  She originally came to Sydney on a holiday but quickly found herself working six nights a week. Five years on she bought a house in Paddington where she still lives today and she has never yet had that elusive holiday.

 Playing in other leaders' bands has also taken up much of her time in Sydney in all sorts of vernaculars including Latin, Gospel, Rhythm and Blues and Jazz.  Solo piano bar work has also been an important part of Maree's career since the early eighties and she has worked in most of the top hotels in this capacity including Sheraton-Wentworth, Park Royal, InterContinental and many more.  Arranging has also been an increasingly strong attribute for Maree to develop and despite the difficulties of notating from braille into print she has persisted with most imaginative and lyrical work.  In 1998 and 2000 she has received much praise for her work on the string arrangements for Australian vocalist and ARIA nominated Janet Seidel's internationally acclaimed CDs The Art Of Lounge I and II, and Love Letters.

 In 1998-1999 she has also recorded with popular male vocalist David McLeod and Australian veteran Hammond Organ / Jazz Piano legend Col Nolan, the Blue Lounge Sessions.  Nolan himself is most complimentary of Maree's piano work and chose her particularly for her ability to seamlessly cross the boundaries of jazz, blues and soulful gospel styles in a very natural way.  2003 is the year for Maree Steinway to do it her way.

 Check out her current projects with:

 The Errol Buddle/Maree Steinway Duo

The Maree Steinway Trio

Sassy Mama

Cuban Vibe

The Blue Parrot Orchestra



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