The Blue Parrot Orchestra

The Blue Parrot Orchestra caught the last plane out of Lisbon to give jazz future a history. Just think of Humphrey Bogart and Ginga Rogers and the music of the 1930's and 1940's then lindy hop across to Australia where, by the 1950's, Australian vocalists, jazz musicians and songwriters were hitting stages across Europe and America and making quite an impression. Today many Australian artists travel performing, as have many of the members of the Blue Parrot Orchestra bringing home the rhythms of New Orleans, Chicago, the Caribbean, Brazil and Portugal to you. Yes, this swing Orchestra also goes Tropicana by request.

Taking to the stage are some of Australia's premier entertainers, including the velvet tones of Su Cruickshank, Anna Rhys, Eddy Frazer, Bobby Scott, Harry Rivers and Maree Steinway. The Orchestra features Sydney's finest musicians including Errol Buddle, Athol Holdernesse, Dave Panichi, and Claire Hollander in the horn section with an all star rhythm section led by Maree Steinway.

A floor show or presentation dance class can also be arranged in street salsa (Latin) and Lindy hop (Jive). A dance class is great for breaking the ice at your business function or party or enjoy the excitement of Rio or Las Vegas in a show presented by Sydney's premiere dance troupes.

Music Clips (Real Audio Format)

Jersey Bounce The Tender Trap


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